ORA Dog Training West Palm Beach

Build a foundation with your dog, to ensure a liflelong happiness for both of you © ORA Dog Training

FAQ about our Dog Training

In order to help you make the decision if you would like to work with us, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our training.

Do you use treats?

doggyfriendsMy training is not an entirely positiv reenforcment approach. We reward the dog if it does something right but it does not always have to be food. There are a lot of different ways to train a dog and it always depends on the dog.

Some respond well to the pressure on and pressure off approach, some are more food or toy driven. I will adjust my training according to the dog and combine multiple ways.

Do you use prong collars?

Yes, I do. To me they are more of a communication device than singularly a correction tool. It helps us to let our dogs understand what we want from them by the way of pressure on, pressure off.

Are results guaranteed?

There are far too many variables playing into the training, so it would be impossible to give a 100% guarantee on anything. I DO guarantee that I will set you up with the right tools to make a difference in your life with your dog.

What makes you so different from other dog trainers?

The focus in my trainings is on relationship building, communication and giving you tools to build a foundation with your dog, to ensure a liflelong happiness for both of you. I believe it is more important to help you understand each other and through that, get to the bottom of the issues rather than just curing symptoms.

dogfriendsAre we a good match?

I am commited to make your and your dogs lives better! Are you? As I said, this is not a one-time fix, like a fad diet- we will be adjusting to a lifestyle in order to get an everlasting result. If you are willing to make the necessary changes and commit yourself as much as I do, then we will probably be a great match.

CATHYThe time Bijan takes to pass on his work to you is the most valuable part of the experience.

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