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Pet Corrector

Do you need to intensify your “no”? The pet corrector is a great additional tool to get your dog to stop barking, lunging, jumping, stealing, chasing, etc. by interrupting their focus with a loud sound of presured air in a can.

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JW Amaze-A-Ball

The amazeball is a great way to feed your dog and occupiying their mind. It is a playfull way of feeding dogs who tend to swallow to fast or eat to hasty.

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Stainless Steel Pet Pail 2 Quart

The pail can be attached with a carrabiner to the inside of the crate. This way your dog can have its own water supply and wont be able to tip it over.

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Happy Howies Premium Turkey Roll

Is a great treat to use for training in addition to the regular diet. It cuts very easy and does not crumble like other products. This makes it an easy, quick treat that you can feed during the training process.

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