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Balam from B&B DogworksBalam

Hi, my name is Balam. I am a Weimaraner girl born in Michigan and I live in Brooklyn now.

Being a dog myself, I have a pretty good understanding what is going on in the heads of my other four legged friends.

Living in the big city is a lot of fun but also brings a lot more rules and risks. It can get pretty overwhelming sometimes but luckily I can trust my pack leader to be there for me if I am unsure about what to do. For that exact reason I want to share him with all of you, so he can show you what he does for me and why I love him so much.


Hi, I am Bijan Samawat.

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany (a dog loving city and country), I was surrounded by dogs and their owners in an urban enviroment since I was little. My main interest though was in sports and particularly martial arts.

Bijan from B&B DogworksTraining myself and coaching others in these areas really brought out the passion I have for teaching. I also learned how important it was to be consistent with the training to achieve set goals.

In addition to my sports coaching career, I taught intercultural relations to young adults and I trained social sector professionals in the principles and methods of de-escalation.

I moved to New York in 2011 for love, and I have to say it was well worth it! Being in a new country and city gave me the chance to start a whole new chapter in life. This is when Balam entered the picture and I realized my passion for training and teaching was helping me to create a beautiful and strong relationship with my dog.

Following the advice of my own dog trainer and mentor Josh Donahue from Argos Dogworks, who I spent dozens of hours with as we trained Balam and who could see my natural instinct of understanding the dogs nature, I started helping other people and their dogs to find the right way of communicating with each other.

LIZBijan’s knowledge is extremely extensive and I feel so fortunate that I was able to meet such a competent, wonderful dog trainer prior to our first lesson together.

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