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Susi and Bucky

buckyWe brought our [then]3.5 month old Golden Retriever pup to B&B Dogworks for a 2 week Board + Train and could not be happier! Bijan taught our little guy ALL his commands (sit, down and place with implied stay, free, crate, come, heel) no more dilly dallying at potty time, he’s a JOY to walk – no more pulling on the leash, crate anxiety seems to have completely disappeared, he’s significantly calmer around my 4 year old daughter and her friends, he eats his food when we give it to him instead of picking at it for hours… the list goes on and on….

Our ‘Go Home Session’ was held in Prospect Park where Bijan spent 2 hours teaching us all of Bucky’s new tricks – we were in shock at what he’d accomplished in just 2 short weeks! Our little beastie was transformed into a complete and utter gentleman! Bijan definitely went above and beyond our expectations.

You can tell Bijan loves what he does and it’s reflected in his results. We’re so excited to continue working and building on this incredible foundation he’s laid for us.

In short, our experience couldn’t have been more positive – I highly recommend sending your pup to B&B Dogworks!

Liz and Rocky

rockyI was lucky enough to have met Bijan through a very close mutual friend, and had the opportunity to spend some quality time with him before even discussing dog training of any kind. One day, while complaining about my dog’s pulling problem, Bijan and several other friends encouraged me to bring my beast to Bijan and the fix would be quick and simple. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, I had done a decent amount of research, am lucky to have a dog who is a fast learner, and (unbiasedly) pretty intelligent.

To give you some additional color, I did not walk the beast, the beast 100% walked me. I was always nervous that he would see something of interest and take off without me being able to control him. Dangerous for both of us. Additionally, walking the beast was an absolute misery… until… our first session with Bijan.

After just one session, a few quick walking and communication fixes, the beast was walking like the well behaved stud I knew he could be! He stands right at my side, no longer pulls me into every bush and towards every dog we meet – the transformation was INCREDIBLE.

Working with Bijan over the subsequent weeks taught me that I really did not understand how to communicate properly with my dog, and that the messages I might be sending him – and he was sending me – were being misinterpreted on both ends. I am so thankful for having the chance to work with Bijan and for helping him transform my relationship with my dog into a healthier and better communicated one!

Bijan’s knowledge is extremely extensive and I feel so fortunate that I was able to meet such a competent, wonderful dog trainer prior to our first lesson together. I recommend him with absolutely no reservations! And if I’m being honest, from other dog trainer quotes, his pricing is UNBELIEVABLY reasonable, and he comes right to you. Do yourself and your fury friend a favor and take a class or two with Bijan.

Cathy and Bindi

bindiBijan’s approach to dog training is very pragmatic and focused on communicating in a style that is accessible to your dog. My 5.5 month old puppy spent a week with Bijan for board and train.

Our walks are much better. She responded to well to his approach and has stopped pulling and running up to every dog and person on the street.

I feel like the greater challenge than Bijan’s training of Bindi was the training he had to do with me, but he was patient and encouraging and eventually I got the hang of it!

The time Bijan takes to pass on his work to you is the most valuable part of the experience.

We will be back again soon for another week!

Nick and Winston

For the majority of dog owners, choosing the right dog trainer is one of the most important decisions they will have to make regarding their dog.

Upon becoming new dog parents to a Dandie Dimmout Terrier named Winston, I often found myself saying “no one knows my dog like I do.” Through the training and guidience of Bijan, owner of B&B Dogworks, we realized that we weren’t truly understanding Winston.

winstonBijan trained us to understand our dog’s needs and natural tendencies and the proper way to handle them so that we could live happier lives as dogowners, and most importantly, that Winston could live a happier dog life! While many dog owners might be proficient handlers, Bijan possessed a skillset and information in which he mastered, and the gap between a well-meaning, intelligent dog owner and a trained professional.

Bijan is a great listener and is interested in your take on your dog’s characteristics, tendencies, personal history, strengths and weaknesses. Rather than immediately dictating who and what needs to change, Bijan starts by sitting down and talking through expectations, concerns and philosophies before starting any actual training or behavior modification work.

Bijan was a great communicator both in terms of listening to our questions and concerns as well teaching us and our dog. We were enthused that he wanted to know everything possible about the dog’s background so that he could more quickly and effectively identify root causes and implement a positive training protocol.

Bijan always included us in the training. He would constantly and effectively communicate what he was doing, and one of his primary goals was for us to step in and eventually take over the actual training with our dog, Winston. Bijan does not only train your dog, but more importantly, he trains you to properly guide your dog.

When we first met with Bijan, Winston was a total brat! Did what he wanted, when he wanted, and didn’t understand what we were trying to communicate to him.

To be honest, we were skeptical as to how much progress was possible with our disobedient pup, but like magic, after the first hour-long session at our apartment, the progress was amazingly positive!

We couldn’t even walk Winston without him sitting on the sidewalk and resisting. Now, Winston is a calm obedient dog (when we want him to be) but he is still the active loveable puppy he has always been.

Bottom line, hands down, B&B Dogworks are miracle workers and are extremely patient, understanding, and courteous to dogs and their owners!

I recommend Bijan to all my friends who own a dog or who are bringing a new dog into their home.

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