Basic Obedience – The Foundation

Did you recently add a new four-legged friend to the family? Or you have had your dog forever and just wish it would be more obedient or break some bad habits?

In the the basic obedience training we work on heeling when walking and the commands sit, down, place and the recall.

  • 4 Sessions 1-1.5h
  • Leash work foundation
  • Basic commands “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “come”, “place”, ” heel”
  • Essentials and ground rules for old or young dogs and their owners
  • Proper use of the prong collar
  • Training in real world situations at your home environment
  • Sessions have to be taken within 60 days of program start
  • Teaching your dog those basics will give them structure and guidelines that will help them to be calm and relaxed in everyday life situations. This program is also the foundation to the advanced off-leash obedience training.

    $600 + $30 for Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

    Advanced Obedience – Off Leash Freedom

    E-collar training

    Have you gone through basic obedience and want to take it to the next level, giving both yourself and your dog more freedom? If so, our advanced obedience training offers just that.

    In this training we will be introducing the e-collar, which is a great tool not only for the off-leash work but also to adjust behavioral issues. The training follows the same principle as the prong collar, where we use a system of pressure on, pressure off and leave our dog with a choice to release the pressure by just following our lead.

  • 8 Sessions 1-1.5h
  • Low level E-Collar training
  • proper understanding and use of the e-collar
  • Off Leash freedom with all the basic obedience commands
  • Behaviour modification
  • training in real world situations at your home environment
  • Sessions have to be taken within 80 days of program start
  • $1200 + $180 Mini Educator E-Collar

    Follow ups

    All dogs that go through one of the above trainings have a free lifetime aftercare program including calls and emails.

    But if you feel like you need some extra fine tuning on a previous training a month later and don’t need a full course this will be your solution.

    $100 per session
    for 1h of training

    Board and Train

    Do you need a jumpstart on crate/potty training, anxiety or other behavioral issues and you don’t have the time, patience or experience?

    In our B&T program your dog will be with us 24/7, learning all the basic obedience components like:

    • 2 week 24/7 in home training
    • Real life scenarios as part of the pack
    • Remote E-Collar training
    • Basic obedience commands on and off leash
    • Crate training, potty training, behavioral issues
    • 2h session at pick up
    • 2x 1h follow up sessions within 30 days

    We offer to train your dog on the state of the art e-collar from E-Collar Technologies, which will give you and your dog the freedom of applying all the learned obedience on- as well as off-leash.

    With each B&T, there will be a 2h session at pick-up, where we will show you what we did and how you can maintain the training and one 1h follow up session. We will also supply you with videos of your dog and the training, for you to go back to in addition to our live time support for your dog via email, text and phone. All of it to ensure a happy life for you and your doggy!

    In cases of severe anxiety or aggression we recommend a longer stay for your dog with us to be able to work on the core issues. Every dog is different and therefore we have to adjust our training and timeline accordingly.

    $2000 +$180 Mini Educator

    All services are subject to 4.5% New York City Sales Tax.
    All accessories are subject to 8.875% New York City Sales Tax.