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ORA stands for Obedience, Relationship and Affection which are the pillars of our training.

There are many approaches to dog training, but the first step should always be to find a common language, especially as we don’t speak dog and they don’t speak human.

ORA Dog TrainingHere at ORA Dog Training, our first priority is to help you learn to effectively and clearly communicate with your dog in order to build the best possible relationship you can.

Once you have that, you are able to establish roles, set boundaries, and help your dog to be relaxed, calm and follow your lead. A calm and relaxed dog = a happy dog and owner!

Simple, efficient and effective Dog Training

Having a well-trained dog doesn’t only make your life easier – it also helps your dog to build confidence, work their mind, and let their best manner and personality shine through. Dog training doesn’t need to be intimidating – Our services are to show you very simple, efficient and effective ways to get the behavior you want and to get your dog into that calm state of mind.

Training your Dog

ORA Dog Training Board and TrainTraining your dog in the basics of obedience is not an extra thing you have to add into your daily schedule – after the training we do together, every time you take your dog out for a walk or go about your every day life together, you can practice and implement the foundation given in our puppy, basic and advanced obedience sessions.

West Palm Beach, FL based Dog Trainer

If you are a dog owner in West Palm Beach or surrounding areas and need a trainer for your dog, we are the right choice.

Take a look at our most frequently asked questions, you might find the answers you need to get started with us.

For any further questions please feel free to contact ORA Dog Training.

NICKBottom line, hands down, B&B Dogworks are miracle workers and are extremely patient, understanding, and courteous to dogs and their owners!

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